Australia Government not Introducing Changes in 457 Visas


The impact of an expanding number of international students is now getting realized  in Australia. The impact is happening in the job market. The students from almost 40,000 students from different countries are working in the hospitality sector here. This is quite great news. This data has been released by Henry Sherrell who is a researcher at the Australian National University.  The international students are working here in the hospitality industry to make money during the tenure of their studies. This research has been conducted using the data from the employment statistics to the biographic details of people working on a temporary visa.

As per the results of this research almost one out of every three international students , had employment in Australia in the year 2011.  Out of this data, 15% were employed in the hospitality sector, 11% in the cleaning industry, 10% in sales and 8% in food and beverage industry. Some of the students also get exposure in an English using environment by working internationally.

Due to these jobs, foreign students are taking the place of Australian workers in such temporary jobs. Although doing reform in this area, wont be such a good idea because Australians would be asking for higher wages for similar jobs. On the other hand, the international workers in such jobs work for very low wages. It is questionable whether the right to gain work experience which is getting snatched from Australian workers is right or not. The international students earn their living costs through such jobs and restricting them from doing so would ensure that their decision to study in Australia gets affected.

The international students have the same wage rights as local students; still they prefer to work at low wages. Although the immigration Minister of Australia, Peter Dutton had given a suggestion that he would be introducing reforms in the Australia 457 visa for temporary foreign workers, he is yet to do so.

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