Beware of fake international job visa scams


Beware of fake international job visa scams

These days, going to a foreign country for work has become a cherished ambition of every individual. But there are also visa scams to lure innocent individuals.

These visa scams actually copy the content from the website of an authentic visa company. After copying the content, they create a website on the domain name which is quite similar to that of an existing visa company.

Most of these visa scams send fake job emails to the prospective candidates. These emails mention that the concerned individual has got a job in some foreign country. Since he has already got a job, the candidate then needs to obtain a job visa for that country. The fake visa agency then encourages the candidate to come to it to obtain the visa as it will help in completing all the formalities which are required for this visa. For all the help, which the fake visa agency will provide in getting a job visa, it will charge a moderate visa fees. After reading this article, a candidate will be completely aware on foreign country job requirement.

An individual needs to understand that such job promises are not real and any international company only hires an individual after an interview and scrutiny.

By ensuring that the following steps are met, you can prevent yourself from getting lured into such a scam:

  1. You get a fake email mentioning an approved job application that corresponds to a fake job. This job application was done by you in response to a fake job posting which was hosted on a foreign job site/board.
  2. The applicants can also be sent immigration fake forms in their email which contain the logo of the immigration department of a foreign country like Australia such as (“Department of Immigration and Border Protection”) DIBP. Any individual should never fill such forms.

Such emails contain the fake website address of such fraudulent migration agencies. The innocent victims after clicking on such websites to obtain their job visas; are asked to pay the visa fees through Western union money transfer. Please not that there’s no route through which your money can be retrieved once it’s paid to someone who claimed to be from this agency.

Case Study: Australia-Steps to be taken for prevention by a visa consulting agency and an individual

A visa company whose domain name has been cloned and the content also used to create a fake website can file copyright infringement case against the dubious visa company for copying the content. They can also find out about the IP address of this fake website by using the website When they are able to track down the IP address, they get to know who has created a fake website.

After using this website, they will be able to find out about the website hosting company that is hosting this website. Once they are able to find the hosting company, they can request it to remove the fraudulent website immediately.

As an individual you can check whether the visa consulting company that has contacted you with a fake job application is registered with OMARA(Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) or not, which is the legal governing body of visa agencies in Australia.

Apart from fake visa agencies, there are also some fraudulent employers who are willing to take part in such a scam in return for a sum of money. They are ready to cooperate i.e. help such visa agencies in bringing innocent people on company sponsored visas (Australian visa subclass 457). In return for their cooperation, they make their victims/employees work for 18 hours. Under the visa subclass 457, an employer can nominate someone not hailing from Australia for a job in Australia. For that, he first needs to prove that he’s unable to find anyone from Australia suitable for this position.

Even the wages paid to them are not the same as mentioned in the offer letter shown at the Indian embassy. Since this visa subclass requires sponsorship by an Australian employer, these business sponsors start exploiting their nominated workers once the latter arrive in Australia.

The nomination requires an agreement to be signed between the concerned employer and the employee. It mentions the salary rate which exists in the Australian market for the job and the salary rate which is going to be paid to an Indian employee. Apart from this detail, this visa for Australia nomination agreement requires mentioning the working premises of the Indian employee along with the skills required for the job he is going to be doing.

So, as an individual it your responsibility not to reply to any of the fake job emails that you receive in your email account if you applied to an Australian job posting that seems too good to be true.

These precautions mentioned above will allow you to safeguard yourself from an Australian visa fraud.

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