C-6 Bill Passed by Canadian Senate


IRCC is making changes in immigration policies of Canada. This is necessary because it wants to encourage immigration to this country.  The age of a dependent child has been increased to 22 years old from the earlier age of 19 years. This is quite beneficial for immigration seekers. This change will not be put into place now. But these changes will be happening after 24th October when all the immigration applications filed will receive the benefit of these changes.  The “dependent children“is that category who are unable to support themselves due to some physical issues. They are forced to take help from their parents.  It’s important to take note of these changes before applying for the Canada PR visa. The age of a dependent child was changed on 1st August, 2014 from 22 to 19 years and now it has been brought back to the old age.

A bill named C-6 has been cleared up in the Canada senate which has made sure that the citizenship in Canada would have different requirements now. Earlier, the requirement for PR holders was 4-6 years for being eligible for citizenship, but now it is 3-5 years for citizenship. This has made it possible for PR holders to become citizens quite easily. In fact, candidates who are eligible for citizenship as per this bill would include those who have spent at least three years in this country on a temporary visa also (which can consist of a study or a work permit too).

It’s also important to understand that there have been changes made to the bill C-6 also. There is a provision introduced in the bill as per which the people whose citizenship has been cancelled should be informed personally by the Immigration minister. This is necessary in those cases where the citizenship has been gained by fraud. The right to not fight the revocation of the bill was a part of the bill C-24 which was eliminated by the previous government. But now, this change is a part of the Bill C-6 where individuals can fight this revocation in the court of law. Visa House can assist you in getting a Canada PR visa and a citizenship visa subsequently. It’s able counselors have all the concerned experience in this regard.