Canadian IT Companies Pleased with Trump’s Immigration Policies


Canada IT companies are quite happy with the stringent bans on immigration imposed by President Trump. This is because now Canada will become the major recipient of technical labor from all over the world. So, it has replaced US, which was getting a lot of strategic benefit from the import of Indian IT labor especially the companies based in Silicon Valley.

The companies from Canada are also prepared to handle the surge in the technical labor coming to their country. Instead of Silicon Valley and Seattle, Canada’s IT companies will be getting all the advantage from coming up of labor here.

Apart from the heavy availability of labor, its also going to be much easier to set up business in Canada. Its because the businesses depend on the availability of labor, and when US has imposed restrictions on the import of foreign labor, its not going to attract many IT companies.

In fact, apart from Indian labor, Canada is also attracting American labor ready to work in its IT companies. After President Trump’s victory, there has been a 30% hike, in the numbers of American labor which is applying for jobs in Canada. In fact, many American top shots are also opening up their branches in Toronto, whether it’s Face book, Uber or Google. There is a lot of transition which is happening after President Trump’s win in the election. A large majority of Americans are now shifting their base to Canada.

Canada immigration authorities have also altered the process for approval of IT workers. They are going to be allotted a work permit within a time period of 2 weeks from now onwards.  There is a liberalized attitude of Canadians towards foreign labor.  In the words of Naveen Bains “For us to compete globally, we need to be open,”who is Canada’s Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development. But Mr. Trump’s attitude is quite regressive in this regard. In April, he had declared that coming up of foreign labor should be restricted and “They should never, ever be used to replace Americans,”

The rapid approval of Canadian work permit to foreign IT labor is a part of the Global Skills Strategy program of this government.

This is quite in contrast with the policy of LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) which had the requirement of Canadian employers to prove that they could not hire a person of equal caliber in Canada to do the job as compared to that of a foreign worker. The need to get the LMIA done before getting any foreign laborer in the country was quite a major bottleneck for the Canadian companies.  Canada immigration has completely done away with LMIA now, and it’s no longer required to get an immigration visa to this country. The major reason for the change in the work permit policy of this country was due to the fact that talented foreign labor leads to more growth and more jobs for local Canadians.  In fact, a company’s growth sometimes depends on a foreign laborer  with a skill set which is unique to him/her and no longer could anyone be hired to replace him/her.

So, Canada had to bring in changes in its work permit program to possess more competitive advantage which is mandatory for corporate growth.