Canadian Labor Laws Eased


The Canadian government is working day and night to open the doors to foreign labor. Its all because of the hard work of the government that the foreign labor is making a beeline for jobs in this country.  On June 12, there will be the opening of a new chapter for the Indian laborer willing to go to Canada. They will only get approval within a time period of 2 weeks. This kind of an expedited approval was necessary to improve the growth rate of companies in Canada.

This kind of change was long anticipated when the Microsoft was actually allowed to import labor without any issues in the province of British Columbia in the year 2014. The companies will get a major strategic advantage through this 2 week work permit which will be allowed for a period of 2 years. Earlier, the approval of a work permit used to take a time period of 6 months, enough to discourage candidates and make them look for jobs in some other companies. However, now due to this expedited visa process and the restrictive visa rules of US, Canadian firms are quite hopeful of getting more labor into the country. All these changes have been implemented with the help of Navdeep Bains, who expended months to get into consultation with Council of Canadian Innovators, which led this movement for change. In an email written by Benjamin Bergen, who is the executive director of this firm, the Canadian companies should be given complete chance to hire topnotch labor which can give them the requisite growth. In fact, due to this growth, more and more people would gain employment in Canada. So bringing in foreign labor into the country and inducing more growth could lead to more jobs for Canadians.

As per this new work permit scheme, every visa for a skilled laborer would cost somewhat around 1000 CAD per permit, excluding the cost of the permit. Any employer who wants foreign labor to immigrate to this country should inform IRCC as who can provide him adequate assistance with LMIA. IRCC has set a deadline of 2 weeks to process the visa.

If Canada wants to recruit global talent, the only way is an expedited work permit. The CCI has been so much in working behind the implementation of such changes because it consists of CEOs of 70 different Canadian companies which want the best for themselves and the Canadian economy.  The employment Minister of Canada “Patty Hajdu”, however has said that this change was not going to affect any hiring of Canadians, getting a person from outside Canada to do the same job as any Canadian would require more cost to be expended by a Canadian employer.

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