What to do when you fail in a visa interview?


What to do when you fail in a visa interview?

Every student dreams of going abroad for studies. Its the best way to get the highest value for your resume. So, its important that you are able to get a study visa. However, there are some problems which can ensure that you get stuck. It can be due to improper documentation or insufficient performance in the visa interview.

The students get nervous during the interview and are unable to answer questions incoherently like why do they want to take admission in a certain university or course. Sometimes, there are also problems with the background check of a candidate like he has given some wrong answers about his history.

The students should not get disheartened when their visa application gets rejected, but they should be prepared to give the visa interview a second time. Its important for the students not to lose their confidence even after they fail in the visa interview.

Its important that the help of any proper visa consultancy is taken before you appear for the interview for the second time. Its because it can prepare you for the questions that are going to be asked during the interview. They give you strenuous training through their counselors for such interviews through mock interviews. The reasons for rejection can also be the candidate’s inability to prove evidence of enough funds for the duration of his course.

Application for the study visa of another country

The students can also try for the study visa of another country so that they can get the admission into the international university of their choice.

its not necessary that if you get rejected for the study visa, of one country, chances of your rejection for another country will also be there.

The students also have the option of going for highly ranked universities in different countries like Canada, Australia,Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. The students should prepare aptly for the simple tests in these countries and decide to migrate abroad. Moreover, some of these countries also allow students to pursue job opportunities along with studying.

The biggest hiccup before any student is the IELTS exam. Its important that a student enrolls himself with a visa consultancy so that he is able to get good scores in this exam.

These visa consultancies have excellent trainers who can help you undertake the IELTS exams pretty easily., They make sure that the students are well versed with all the details of this exam, and are able to get good scores in all the bands like writing, speaking, listening, and reading. In fact, apart from appearing for crash courses for IELTS, at these consultancies, they can also undertake some IT courses which can be of use while pursuing part time jobs during studies in a foreign nation. Also, its important to note that you should take the help of appropriate counselors who help you in getting all the details of the process of visa filing right. Anyways you should be prepared for filing the visa for any other country. There are many universities in the world which have high rankings as compared to American universities.

For example, the University of Melbourne of Australia has a ranking of 42 in the QS world university rankings 2015-2016. It also has high rankings (7th) in the subject of Education and Training. Canada also has top notch universities like University of McGill and University of Toronto. Both of these universities have high rankings of 24th and 34th in the QS World University rankings 2015-2016.

Even Singapore and Malaysia also have top notch universities. The best part about the getting a study permit for these countries is that you are not required to give the IELTS exam to get approved for it. The most famous universities located in Singapore are National University of Singapore (12th)and Nanyang Technological University(13th) respectively in the QS world university rankings 2015-2016. Many world famous universities have branches here like University of Nottingham from UK and Monash University of Australia.

Lets talk about New Zealand. The University of Auckland in New Zealand has the ranking of 81st in the QS world university rankings.

There are many rules of getting succeeded in a visa interview which are as follows:

  • Keep the documents in your bag prior to the night before appearing for the visa interview.
  • Its important to have formal dressing for the interview so as to create right impression on the interviewer.
  • The most important point to remember during the interview is to keep absolutely calm. Always remember, that no matter what happens, its always for your best. Also, give your interview by maintaining an eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Its important for a candidate to understand that if he is financially dependent on anybody, he should be able to show evidence for his relationship with that person. All the documents proving the financial details of that person should be shown in the interview like his bank statements/ salary proof.
  • The countries want candidates to appear mandatorily for exams such GRE/TOEFL/IELTS. Its important for the candidates to take such test results with him for for the interview to prove his sufficiency in the English language. He should also not forget to take original copies of his academic certificates along with his resume.
  • Getting a study visa also requires to prove that you have plans to leave the foreign country after your education has been completed there. When a candidate decides to pursue some job during the meantime he is preparing for the visa interview, that experience can help you in earning some extra points towards the study permit.
  • The students should also know that the granting of a study visa requires submission of a statement of purpose and letter of recommendation. Its better to get such documents prepared from a professional visa consultancy.

The Don’ts to which a candidate should adhere to during the interview are:

  • He should never present any fake documents as they get caught ultimately.
  • The document submission should not be done until and unless you are requested for it.
  • The documents presented at the interview should be in correct format. The interviewer can also get miffed if the documents are stained or torn.
  • Do not get nervous during the interview at any cost. If you stammer, it definitely creates a bad impression.
  • Don’t elaborate beyond a point. Its important to maintain precision while giving answers.
  • Also be punctual for the interview. If you come late, it definitely creates a negative impression.
  • Make sure that your body language and the voice tone are completely appropriate. Any hint of lack of confidence through your body language wont go down in your favor.
  • The student should be prepared for the visa interview by taking his correct bank statements.

Therefore its better to take the help of visa consultancies who can help you considerably in this regard and make you learn the proper body language for the interview.