How can you control expenses on an overseas education trip?

Going to a foreign country to study abroad is the dream of every student. But it’s also advisable if you are able to cut down the expenditures, because we all know that such foreign educational trips cost in lakhs.

Now, listed below are some simple steps that students can follow to make sure that the expenses of these educational trips don’t soar up.

Step 1: Don’t splurge on the new textbooks for the heck of it. The textbooks can be purchased from old students or rented from bookshops and a lot of money can be saved. There might be students in your hostel who are willing to sell their textbooks from the last semester.
Step 2: Also get a student ID for yourself as soon as your semester starts. This ID is going to serve a useful purpose in your overseas education experience. There are many places like movie halls, museums and theaters that offer decent discounts to students on the basis of these IDs.
Step 3: Also, avoid buying coffee at coffee bistros. These bistros charge huge amount for coffee that can be prepared in the kitchen of your hostel room or rented apartment.

Step 4: You can also economize on your expenses by installing apps like Wally, Spendbook on your mobile phone. With these apps, you can make sure that your expenses on transportation, groceries and dorm rooms don’t go out of hand.

Step 5: Eating out with friends on weekends also proves to be a costly affair. Its better to opt for cooking in each other’s rooms on weekends or getting food from the college canteen to save money.

Step 6: It’s also better to share rooms with someone when you are going for overseas education because the rents in foreign countries are exorbitant amounts. When you share the room with somebody you can divide the rent and utility bills with that person.
Step 7: Also, taking care of your health is important when you are on your study abroad trip because you gorge on all those delicacies rich in calories, but gym costs can be saved if you opt for the university gym instead of a local gym.
Step 8: Make sure that your utility bills and hostel rent is always paid on time, so that you don’t end up paying any late fees.
Step 9: Never ever skip any class even though notes might be available. Before skipping a class, just give a forethought to the expense that has gone on student loans into your international education trip.

Step 10: It sounds far-fetched, but selling your old items on Craigslist can also help in saving money.

Step 11: Always pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.
Step 12: Use the network which provides the best coverage in your hostel area. You can ask the older students about it. Buying the right SIM card and availing an economical phone plan can help you in saving a lot of money.
Step 13: In the time of festivals like Thanksgiving, you can cut down expenses by celebrating it with the families of your friends. Rushing back home for two-three days does not make any sense. It’s better to go with friends on long road trips to different states.

So, these are the steps which one can follow to ensure that the expenses of his international education always stay in control.

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