Impact on UK of BREXIT: Lesser Students from Ireland going to Britain


There has been a huge impact of BREXIT on students from abroad who used to choose Britain as their destination.  Its because Britain is no longer going to be a part of the European Union.

In fact demand for the colleges in Ireland has come down from students in Scotland and England. The entire decline in the admissions to Irish colleges has come after the BREXIT vote happened. In a similar move, students from Ireland didn’t opt for admission to colleges in Britain in 2016. However, there was an increase in students from Northern Ireland applying for colleges in Britain.

Students who are applying for admissions to Ireland from the European countries, except those from Scotland and Britain have increased by 17%.

After the BREXIT, the Ireland students and the students are faced with the travesty of paying the non-EU fees for colleges in both these countries. These fees are huge. Currently the provision is that a student from a European Union can easily study at cheap rates in a college in EU and end up paying similar rate of fees as in their native country.

But after BREXIT, students from Britain have to pay fees which are equivalent to those for non European students. The same holds for students from Ireland willing to study in Britain. This means huge fees of 18,000 to 23,000 pounds to study in Britain for undergraduate courses. And 45000 pounds to study subjects like medicine.

It has been a controversial subject about Britain making an exit from European Union, but the fall in international students coming here was not expected. The movement of students from Ireland, UK and Northern Ireland will be largely affected by BREXIT.  The students have already heard from the governments of the respective countries that their fees will not be affected and they will pay the EU fees however such students will have to enroll themselves before September, 2017. The last date for enrolment has ended before May 1, 2017. The government of Ireland wants a special privilege for the fees paid by its students in Britain but it requires agreement from the other 28 countries of European Union.  Northern Ireland has high hopes because they think that that after reunification with Ireland, they would end up becoming part of a single nation and part of European Union. Hence, there would be no increased fees for students of Northern Ireland going to Ireland. However, this is not a possibility because Britain would oppose this kind of breaking up of UK.

Other than that, Northern Ireland-Ireland relationships would be further affected because the entire UK would cease to be a part of EU. Hence, Northern Ireland would have to pay high tariffs for goods exported to European Union which are a major part of Northern Ireland’s revenue. Northern Ireland is also going to lose its subsidies which it used to receive from European Union almost amounting to 3.5 billion Euros.