Important Guidance From Visa House to Aspiring Immigrants


Immigration has become the dream of so many youngsters. However it’s better to start planning this process from an early stage before you are 25 years old. It’s because there are points for age in the immigration structure of every country which implies that every country gives a higher preference to younger candidates. For example, talking about Canada immigration, it’s important to know that the highest points for age are 100 which are given to those in the 20-29 year age bracket. After that, the points for the age category start decreasing.

Select an occupation that is always in demand no matter what

Countries keep on changing the occupations that are listed on the skilled occupations list which are eligible to be followed by the immigrants upon their arrival. So, candidates should keep on updating themselves about the occupations that are still on the skilled occupations list of a country. For example, Canada, has removed certain occupations from its skilled occupation list just recently.

That’s why a visa consultancy can be of a lot of use to you. It’s because counselors at Visa House keep themselves upgraded about the changes happening in the immigration world.

Improve your command on the English language

Most of the countries like Canada, Australia require a good score in IELTS for the candidates to allow immigration to them. Countries like Australia requires prospective immigrants to score 6 points in all the bands of English like writing, speaking, listening and reading so that their English levels are considered competent. It’s important that the candidates should show their latest IELTS scores as a part of their documentation for immigration, because such scores are only considered valid for duration of two years.

Our counselors can offer you the most precious guidance in this regard so that your immigration dreams are fulfilled in time. You don’t get any of your immigration efforts wasted. It’s very disappointing when a candidate’s immigration efforts and his hopes get washed out due to subsequent rejections by the immigration authorities and he is clueless as to why this is happening.

Come to Visa House where we guide you about all the intricacies of Canada immigration and those of many other countries like Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) which is mandatory if your local education should be considered to be of worth in Canada.