No More Subsidies for Kiwis Studying in Australia


In one of the moves of its kind, Australia has now declared that citizens of New Zealand won’t receive any benefits in educational costs as they used to receive earlier.

This move has happened because the Australian government has reduced the spending on education of up to AU$2.8 billion. It is going to lead to removal of subsidies for the New Zealand students. Hence, they will have to pay the same fees as paid by other international students while pursuing education in Australia. So, the annual fees for a Kiwi student has become AU$25,000 from AU$7000 per year. This has led to a lot of anger among the Kiwi students. Even Paula Bennet who is the deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, has said that the “the Government wasn’t going to put up a fight, because they’re “realists” and know they won’t win”. She said that in order to claim subsidized education as Australian students in Australia, the New Zealanders should try to get the citizenship of the country.

Jacinda Ardern who is a prominent leader of New Zealand is also angry that the New Zealanders are not going to be treated as domestic students of Australia anymore. Although this move has been taken by Australian government, New Zealand government does not want to reiterate and make Australian students pay fees charged from other international students in its country. Mrs Bennet also expressed her view that since only a small number of Australians study in New Zealand and a large number of Kiwis study in Australia, it was better that the Australian government should reconsider this strategy of increasing the fees.

Gerry Brownlee who is the foreign Minister of New Zealand also met with the Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop on 11th May, to discuss with her the possibility of not declaring any surprises in the future. The alteration in the fees is going to have an impact on almost 6000 Kiwis who are right now pursuing education in Australia. Mr. Brownlee expressed his displeasure over the Australian fee hike in his visit to this nation and said that “those ructions need to be seen in the “context of the long relationship” both countries have had”.

However, the foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop had a different opinion about the changes and clearly indicated that the changes were a part of the aim to introduce high quality changes in Australia’s education. In her opinion, such changes could really help the government sustain the quality of high education in this country. However, there were always going to be certain exceptions made to the new Zealanders as far as the access to the Australian education loan was concerned. However, although the loan amounts were huge, the takers had to repay it when their earnings become 42,000$ a year. A visa consultancy is your best bet to get study visa for both Australia and New Zealand. Get help in this regard from this study consultancy. It has experienced counselors for study in New Zealand visas.