Quebec Has Reopened Its Immigrant Investor Program


It’s great news that Quebec has opened its investor program for prospective immigrants. It’s a massive opportunity that investors just need to invest 8, 00,000 CAD under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program for getting PR of this province. The best part about this investment program is that an investor does not need to undertake job creation through this investment.

The investor needs to submit his application till February 23, 2018. The program is already accepting applications from investors since May 29, 2017.  A potential investor in Quebec should know that only 1,900 applications for investment and immigration will be taken in out of those submitted. Out of these 1,900, a quota for 1,330 is reserved for those from China, Macau and Hong Kong. The government provides complete guarantee for this investment making sure that the investor is returned funds after 5 years.

The candidates who have an intermediary level of French proficiency will be given preference over others. So, their application won’t be subject to the investment immigration quota of 1,900. They also have the liberty to submit the application at any point of time without adhering to the deadline of February, 23, 2018.

How to show the investment?

The investor has to show this investment via a financial intermediary (trust company or broker) in Quebec. After showing, the investment, the investor needs to sign an agreement stating that he has intentions of residing in Quebec. The candidate can also include his own family members as a part of his immigrant investor application, which will allow them to gain a PR status of Canada. There are many facilities under a Quebec PR visa which ensures that you get discounts in medical care in Canada.

The other requirements for Quebec immigrant investor program are:

  • An investor needs to have a net worth of 1.6 million dollars. This net worth can also include the net worth of the life partner who is going to come to Quebec with the investor. Apart from that, this net worth should not be shown via funds received via donation.
  • The candidate also needs to have an experience in management capacity which can be in a private firm also even including government agencies. This experience should be of the duration 2 years and earned in a duration of 5 years prior to filing your application under QIIP(Quebec immigrant investor program).

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