Schooling Education Overseas

Schooling Education Overseas

I had reviewed Visahouse visitors profile and have noticed an upsurge in the enquiries for School Education for the Children. Although these types of enquires had been limited by an elite class of customers for brands like Sydney Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar School and many more in UK , US, Germany and Canada but now even people from middle earning background are coming forward to give their children a head start when it comes to higher education. In our research it has also been evident that the students with these profile have a stronger international networking.

International Education has really become an affordable arena for the Indian Population who are trying to give their kids an international edge of exposure and talent.

In my personal experience I have seen personalities getting a turn around within no time. They are smarter and bold. They took their own decisions on career , subjects to be chosen and further colleges to choose. I would also like to add that once you have this kind of education getting seats in good and prestigious universities also become easy and once they graduate a blooming career is awaiting them.

Few options in demand are:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. USA
  4. Germany

Study in Canada: Many Private and even government School are showing interest in acquiring Indian students. Typically the fees structure of Private institution is around C$ 25000 and may go upto 30000 whereas good government institutions may start from C$ 14000 per annum.

Study in Australia: It has a good number of schools starting from reputed brands like Melbourne Grammar School with a legacy of more than 150 years old to big public funded Schools specializing in various kind of sports. Since the market is relatively new parents are required to do a lot of research.

Study in US: Traditionally the strongest contender when it comes to education has plenty of options coming from almost all the states Study in Germany: Relatively new for Indians but coming up strongly and has proven track record of excellence in the field of education. If you are having any queries about overseas school education you can approach Visahouse and can discuss about your apprehensions.