Visa House has been doing a lot since 2004 in providing help for Visas


Visa House started its operations way back, almost 15 years earlier in 2004. Ever since then, a lot has been achieved by this consultancy in terms of guiding others to realize their immigration and study visa goals. The consultancy has made it possible for people to eliminate their hassles of applying repeatedly for visas. The clients get readymade information for different visas suited to their particular profile, needs and aspirations. Its also important for them to understand that visa approval is a tough procedure given the requirements of developed countries like Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. These countries want the best of individuals to immigrate here. So, there procedural requirements are very tough to understand.

That’s where, Visa House has came to the rescue of so many individuals who have received proper assistance through it and able to get the desired outcomes in terms of immigration/study abroad. Visa House is not about just promises, its about them delivered. We are candid in dealing with our clients and make sure that their money invested with us does not get wasted. Our procedures are followed completely and we make sure that our counselors act in tandem with each other and with the latest changes happening in immigration and overseas education visa procedures.

Visa House: A student’s precious resource to go abroad

Visa House has made it easier for study visa aspirants to meet their goals. Getting admission in the foreign universities is a challenge itself for students and parents and they don’t know how to go about meeting it.

As soon as a student decides to study abroad, he has to choose from a wide variety of schools as per his need and capabilities. It’s not easy to get admission into a university of choice sometimes, and sometimes, you have no clue about the right university. That’s where consultancies like Visa House provide all the guidance to you.

They guide you about the right possibilities of your ward gaining admission in a certain school. They categorize the schools for you into schools where you have the highest chances of admission i.e. backup schools and those ones where the chances of admission are not so bright. So, for a student our counselors prepare the most important list of all, i.e. backup schools and dream schools. For example, the dream schools can be universities like Harvard University and Yale’s University. Often the waiting time for getting acceptance from universities is also very long which causes a student to lose hope but this is where the counselors of Visa House provide someone with the due motivation.

Visa House has not only helped in nurturing the aspirations of study visa seekers but also those who seek immigration to different countries like Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. They have all the information about the latest immigration opportunities available to these countries and their respective procedures.

The various benefits of contacting study and visa consultants are that:

  • Getting complete preparation for exams like IELTS, GRE, SAT and TOEFL
  • Getting enlightened about the different criteria for immigration to different countries in terms of work experience and age requirements.
  • Getting motivation and counseling about how to pass time till your study visa gets arrived.
  • Clients don’t get a burnout due to the exhausting immigration process