Physiotherapy CANADA

The Canadian nomenclature for physiotherapist is same as in India. They are one among the most respected lot after the doctors and nursing profession.  The Canadian’s look for only qualified and cultured physio’s to work for them. So, every physiotherapist needs to be registered and hold a valid license to work.

Visa House with its associates in Canada can help the budding physiotherapist to have an edge over their peers by doing their internship as Physical therapist assistant and simultaneously getting registered with the Canadian Physiotherapy association after obtaining the mandatory licensure from Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, through Canadian Information center for international credentials. 


Physical Therapy Internship:

There are host of Physiotherapist requirements in Canada for our network hospitals & private clinics. We can assist you in getting Physical therapy internship in Canada on meeting the federal requirements. To know more about the mandatory requirements do contact our support team.

Physical therapy Licensing:

If you’d like to work as licensed physiotherapist in Canada, you need to have mandatory licensure from the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. We can assist you in getting the required clearances.

Physical Therapy study:

If you aspire to make your career as physiotherapist in Canada, pursue your master’s in physiotherapy or if you are already a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy then kick start your career as a Physiotherapist assistant on clearing the regulatory exam or by having a diploma in physio from a Canadian institute.

Salary Data for Physical Therapists' Careers:

The national average salary for entry level physical therapists is about CAD $40000 - $60000. Salary increases with each year of experience in the physical therapists' career. For accurate, up to the minute salary information for physical therapists based on experience level, see the Pay scale