Australia 189
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Australia is a great place for someone who wishes to immigrate to a region that offers the joy of visiting pristine natural places like Sydney Harbor, Great Barrier Reef and Whiteheaven beach and offers excellent lifestyle choices.

Under the visa subclass Australia 189, any foreign national can receive a permanent residency status in this country.  Under this immigration scheme, the Australian government wants to encourage the immigration of skilled labor. The candidates should possess the required score in the points-test and then submit their expression of interest. As per the points test, the candidate must hold 60 points for his EOI to be approved and receive an ITA.

To file an EOI, some important conditions are:

  • The candidate’s age should not be 50 or more
  • He should have at least competent English level.

Once the expression of interest is approved, the candidates are then sent an invitation to apply (ITA) after which they can apply for permanent residency and get it.

After receiving the ITA, the candidate has a time limit of 60 days to apply for PR. However, make sure that during this duration, the information expressed in EOI is not changed.

Now, you must be curious to know how to clear the requisite points of interest so that EOI is approved. Skillselect(Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection )has listed the following conditions for getting an Australia 189 visa:

  1. Age: The candidates can get points as per their age. The maximum points that can be earned are 30 and that’s for the 25-32 years age bracket. The lowest points are 15 and that’s for the 40-44 years age bracket. For the 45-49 years age bracket, there are 0 points. If your age is between 18-24 years, you will get 25 points in your EOI.
  2. English language proficiency: The Australian government also assesses someone’s capability to read and write English to grant him the Australia 189 visa.

There are three levels of English proficiency which are defined for this visa application, competent, proficient and superior English.

A candidate at the time of submission of his EOI needs to prove that he has a minimum of competent English level.

  • The candidate can get a score of 10 points with a proficient English level.
  • With a superior English level, a score of 20 points can be proved.

However to prove, proficient and superior English levels, a candidate needs to appear for the following exams:

The candidate should, furbish the recent scores in these tests at the time of submission of his EOI. His test scores should not be more than 3 years old at that time.


  1. Skilled employment: The candidate should provide his own occupational details as per the occupations included in the list of relevant skilled occupations. He should get the skilled assessment score for his occupation.

You can receive up to 20 points for skilled employment experience whether it’s inside or outside Australia. You should have an employment of 20 hrs of paid labor for a week during 10 years before he is asked to apply for a visa. There are two ways under which a candidate can get points under this category:

  • The assessing authority actually provides the judgment that your employment experience gained in a foreign country is skilled.
  • Your foreign job experience actually meets the criteria applied for skilled employment which has been established by the evaluating authority and mentioned on its website.

Evaluating authorities which have mentioned such criteria on their website are Australian computing society which is for all IT jobs. If the evaluating authority for your relevant job profile has not made its standards for skilled employment available on its website or they are not publicly accessible, then the standards for skilled employment set by ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) are applicable.

If a person is showing skilled employment outside Australia in his EOI, then it should be for a period of at least 3 years.

  1. Qualification-It’s also an important criterion which decides your point test score. These points are based on the highest degree achieved by a candidate. For example, if a candidate holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees, then his points are decided based on the latter degree.

The pertinent evaluating authority should provide a judgment that the educational qualification you hold, is of the standards which are at par with an Australian qualification.

If your concerned evaluation authority is not able to provide you with the judgment about your educational qualification, it’s better to get in touch with the Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services.

There are different points for the different degrees and diplomas. A bachelor’s degree provides you with a minimum of 15 points and a master’s degree with 15 points.

However you will have to prove that that your bachelor degree is at par with the standards for the same set by Australia. The same holds true for a Masters degree acquired overseas which should be at least equivalent to a bachelor’s degree meeting Australian standards.

In the case of a Doctoral degree which has been awarded by a foreign educational institution, it should be equivalent to the standards of an Australian educational institution and then the candidate gets a point score of 20.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The candidates should also have an eligible passport for this visa. If the candidate has to apply for a new passport, it should be done before he has submitted the EOI for the Australia 189 visa. If the new passport is received after the submission of EOI, it’s important that such details are submitted to the Australian Immigration offices located in various countries.

The ITA is sent to the candidate through SkillSet.


Apart from allowing PR, the other benefits of Australia 189 visa are:

  • Stay in the Australian region for a long period.
  • Both work as well as study in Australia.
  • Become a part of medicare which allows you to take care of your health expenses.
  • Become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship
  • Get PR for eligible relatives