Advantages of Overseas Exposure

Study Abroad

People always like to hear something great and they always want to know more of what is happening around them either by themselves or through someone else. A human being is always very inquisitive about the things globally or as the famous TAG line of Star Track “ GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE” . And they always develop a sense of admiration for the people who have done something which they have dreamed to do.

I will here share one experience where I met this amazing gentleman whose domain was marketing and used to travel a lot overseas. I was with him for 3 days on an exploration for education system of Malaysia. I was not only amazed by the Malaysian Educational Domain and the skill development endeavor of Malaysian Government but by his own personal experiences also. He talked about so many things overseas that were amazing. He talked about china, Korea, Russia on various aspects of life, relationships and of course business. Probably all the things are available on internet or I had idea about, but his explanation of things mixed with the real handling of situation helped him to earn respect towards himself not only by me but may be of some of his other counterparts also

Simply by visiting a country for a couple of days will not give you that exposure. You must live there some time to understand the culture, life , social stature, businesses, working norms, Banking system and much more.

By learning these things and coming back to India will not only raise your intellect but also help you to blend you India and Indian working style in what you have learned abroad.

Study Abroad is a wonderful experience wherin you learn everything and there are good chances to work and settle in these countries. Majority of the countries offer you rights to work full/part time as well. The most common myth I have heard about overseas education is that it is costly. Friends in countries like Germany, Sweden etc higher education is almost free. Not only this you can also try your luck in various popular educational destinations like USA, Australia etc for good amount of scholarships.

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