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The Canadian government is taking huge steps to encourage immigration of skilled labor to its country. It has introduced a popular Canada immigration scheme called the “Express Entry” since January 2015 under which candidates can create their Express Entry profile once they fulfill certain criteria, become a part of Express Entry pool and then file their application for permanent residency under this scheme, once they are sent invitations to apply(ITA).

For being eligible for the Express Entry under the above categories, there are a few tests that have to be taken:

  1. A language test: This is the primary requirement for applying under the EE profile and getting approved for entry to Canada. This test should be one of the tests approved by the CIC for English and French. For English language, the approved tests are CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program 2014 which has been made the mandatory test since 1st April, 2014 and IELTS which has two versions, academic and general training. The candidates must opt for the “general training” version before applying for the Express Entry profile.

CIC has approved TE, which stands for Test d’évaluation de français as the designated test for the French language. It has 4 parts as follows:

1.compréhension de l’écrit

2.compréhension de l’orale

3.expression écrite

4.expression orale.


The language tests for the Canada immigration has to be undertaken at an agency which has the approval of CIC.

  • The candidate should take proper measures for inclusion of their language test results in their EE application:
    • The test results should not be 2 or more years older otherwise they are invalid for inclusion in your Express Entry application. So, it’s important that candidates are prepared to reappear for the test once their test results expire.
    • It’s absolutely mandatory to include these test results in the online application otherwise it won’t get processed.
    • Since the Express Entry tests are only eligible for a period of a year, it’s important that the test results are also eligible for the same period.
  1. An assessment test of educational credentials(ECA): If the candidate has obtained education outside India, then the provision of his ECA results is mandatory so that his foreign education can be proved equivalent to a Canadian secondary or post secondary certificate or any diploma or any degree.

But this kind of educational credential assessment is not required if:

  • The candidate holds a minimum of a year’s working experience in the Canadian region.
  • The work experience must be in a mandatory skilled trade. For getting more information about such skilled trades, please refer to It’s better to have such assessment of credentials done even if not required so that you have better chances to get ITA for permanent residency. A candidate needs to enter his ECA results along with his EE application.
  1. NOC skill type: For all the federal programs which are applicable for the Express Entry, the candidates are required to check the skill type under which their work experience is valid (the National Occupational Classification or NOC). This NOC is shown on the passport also.

This NOC has to be entered mandatorily in the online Express Entry profile application.

After you have met all the above requirements, now you should check your eligibility for the EE application, by accessing the Come To Canada tool on the Government of Canada website. This tool requires the candidates to enter their language test and ECA results and NOC, and if approved, a reference number is generated.

This reference number is used to create the EE profile online. This number is also sent on the MyCIC account of a candidate, provided he has one.

The candidate after getting this referral number can proceed with his application for the Express Entry profile.

This profile seeks information from a candidate on topics such as contact information, educational and work experience details, dependents and language test results. The candidate also needs to upload the following documents online on their MyCIC account:

  • The passport
  • The NOC job code and title
  • The results of language test(either CELPIP, TEF or IELTS)
  • The results of Educational Credential Assessment if it was required
  • The reference number which was generated after checking eligibility for EE application on the Come To Canada tool, but it’s not mandatory.

For creating the Express Entry profile,

  • The candidate needs to logon to his MyCIC account. A candidate needs to create this account, if it does not exist.
  • The candidate needs to enter his reference number which has been provided by the tool of Come to Canada, although it’s not necessary.
  • In case, you don’t have the reference number, you are required to enter your education, work experience and personal information.
  • The candidate can save and submit the profile. If the profile is not submitted, it can be saved and then visited again within a period of 60 days for completion.

The last requirement for finishing the EE profile submission is to apply for the Job bank registration which is not required in case if you have:

  • An eligible job offer
  • A Canadian provincial or territorial nomination

A Job bank allows a candidate to apply to the maximum number of prospective employers in Canada. However, it’s important to register with it within duration of 30 days of creating the EE profile, otherwise it expires.

The EE profile is only valid for a year.

The information in the EE profile for this kind of Canada immigration needs to be updated if there are following changes in the candidate’s profile:

  • His work experience has changed
  • He has gained more education
  • The number of family members have changed, either someone is deceased or there is a birth
  • A child of the family ceases to be a dependent, he has turned 19 which and can’t be declared as a dependent any more.
  • The language test results have expired, so the new test results need to be entered.

After the candidate is able to create his Express Entry profile, he becomes eligible to apply for the following Canadian immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • Canadian Experience Class

If you also meet the eligibility criteria for anyone of the above programs, you will become a part of the Express Entry pool. After becoming a part of this pool, you can be selected for permanent residency in Canada through an ITA, but this is not guaranteed.

The chances for ITA are higher for those who have top ranks in the EE pool, and after invitation candidates have 60days, to apply formally for PR.

If the candidate does not get ITA after 12 months of submission of their EE profile, they should create a new profile.

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