Benefits Of Doing Study & Work At Same Switzerland


Switzerland, the land of Alps and River Rhine has been famous for its topographical beauty for a lot of years. When you are in Switzerland, you get to breath fresh air. This country has one of the most pollution free environments. Its also true that this country with its richness of natural beauty is ideal for nature lovers.

Swiss people are very effective and fast. They make sure that the time of other people does not get wasted. So, you will be issued your visa within time bounds. When you wait in a queue for a bus, it will never arrive late.

The education systsm here is also quite efficent and everything happens on time.

Switzerland’s landscape is a feast for the eyes. So, whenever you are on your way to the college, you will get to watch the beautiful landscapes of forests, mountains en-route.

Whenever you are on an educational trip in this country, you get the chance to travel to other places also like Austria, Germany and Italy which are its neighbors.  As far as the educational system of Switzerland is concerned, there are almost 11 universities present in this country. Out of these 11, nine are administered by a canton(state) and the other two are controlled by confederation, so the former provide teaching in non technical domains whereas the latter provide education in technical subjects.

The term canton refers to a political region whereas the term confederation refers to the central government. There are 26 cantons in Switzerland. For foreign students, there are two kinds of applicable Switzerland visa.

  1. For courses that are of a shorter duration, there is a C visa. But such duration should not be more than 3 months.
  2. As far as the D visa is concerned, it’s applicable for courses, which have a duration of more than 3 months.


Apart from a D visa, a residence permit is also required for a longer duration study in Switzerland. This permit has to be arranged after two weeks of your arrival in this country. There is a direct procedure for application for a Swiss visa for a student. After the receipt of Offer Letter from the Swiss university to which you have applied, the next step is get to an interview fixed at the nearest Swiss Consulate in India. There is some flexibility offered in the scheduling of this interview. The interview can be scheduled at the maximum 10 weeks prior to your admission in the university.

The best part about the student visa of Switzerland is that it does not require an IELTS score.  Another advantage is that the processing time of such visas is also quite low. It takes a time period of almost 10-15 days to get the processing of a short duration visa whereas a long stay visa only takes upto eight-ten weeks.

The students have to adapt themselves with the disciplined people of this country through the tenure of their study course. It’s important to know the parking rules of the country.

The two technical universities in this country are Swiss Federal institute of technology(ETH Zurich) and EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)  which have been ranked among the best 15 universities in the world, ninth and fourteenth respectively. ETH Zurich has been ranked as an outstanding education provider (ranked 5th) in the subject of engineering and technology and 6th in the subject of natural sciences. Apart from ETH Zurich being one of the best education providers in this country, it also has an amazing collection of museums and libraries where students can spend their time while pursing their course. It is a great educational destination for students who know both German and English because the undergraduate courses are offered in German and English here whereas the post graduate courses are offered in English.

It’s also important for the student to find an accommodation in this country. The other two universities which have been ranked as one of the best in the world are, University of Geneva (ranked 85th) and University of Zurich(ranked 89th).

These top universities of Switzerland are currently home to 60% of international students in this country.

There are many documents which you require for an interview at the Swiss visa consulate in your region:

  • The original letter of acceptance released by the Swiss university of your admission
  • An evidence of payment of the tuition and registration fees respectively.
  • Evidence that you have sufficient means to cover your Swiss living costs during the tenure of your schooling.
  • If you have been able to gain a loan or scholarship for the coverage of your educational costs, then a letter from the institution which is providing such scholarship.
  • Your resume
  • A passport which has validity long after 3 months.
  • There should also be a written commitment that you will go out of Switzerland once you have completed your studies.
  • 3 application forms for your application for a visa for the longer duration stay which is more than 3 months.
  • 4 copies of our passport size snaps.

It’s also easy for students to pursue work along with their studies whilst in this country. They can work for up to 20 hours in a week through the tenure of a semester. This kind of work is possible after 6 months of your study in Switzerland have expired. The work that you take up should not hamper your studies.

It’s the job of the company that hires you to get your work permit arranged. We at Visa House can help in arrangement of a student visa for Switzerland.

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