Canada and Australia are Emerging as Topnotch Education Destinations


Australia and Canada are making major efforts to attract international students. This is the reason they have relaxed their own visa procedures. The students are also getting offered additional benefits like getting citizenship when they complete their education. So, it’s quite nice and advantageous for people to apply here as students because you can come as students and become permanent residents of this country. The reason why Australia and Canada are increasing as better education destinations for people is also because of the disturbed scenario in US right now.

In fact there have been increases reported by study consultancies in the number of students who aspire to go to universities in Canada. UK has also lost its attraction as a prominent study destination for students. The quality of education in Canadian universities is an inevitable reason for this shift, apart from that; another reason is that Canada has included points (30) in its Express Entry immigration structure for people who graduate from here. The students are also impressed with job opportunities present in this country. Australia is also seen as an attractive study destination by students. Its because the students are impressed with the reputation of international education in this country. The 5,50,000 international students which have come to this country now belong to 190 nationalities . In fact, Australia’s third largest source of international revenue is international education. Due to higher job opportunities for graduates in Australia, there has also been a surge in students coming to this country. There is also a fair structure of wages for students who want to work during their educational stay in Australia.

There are also plans to increase employability of graduates in Australia. As per the latest government, the study visa application procedures have been made quite simpler.

The best part about the Canadian education is a post graduation work permit which allows students to work after education for 3 years maximum which varies as per the course duration. Canada is also known for its tolerance of major religions. Visa house can help you in securing study visas to Canada and Australia respectively.