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Canada immigration news: No more 600 points for LMIA but only 200/50

There is excellent news for candidates who want to immigrate to Canada permanently. It is related to the Comprehensive Ranking System of this country which was used for evaluation of the profile of potential immigration candidates.

This extraordinary Canada immigration news is that under the new Comprehensive Ranking System, the candidates won’t score 600 points for LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) along with a valid job offer as they used to earlier. Instead, they can only get up to 200 points if they have LMIA with a job offer in a senior managerial role and 50 for a non-managerial role. To elaborate further, job offer in the senior managerial role should belong to the Major Group 00 included in Canada’s National Occupational classification. This category of Major Group 00 contains different job types from 0011 to 0016 denoting legislators to senior managers for departments like construction, production, transportation and utilities.  These changes are going to be in effect from 19th November this year. It’s is an excellent news for candidates who don’t have a valid job offer and LMIA of this country because they will be able to score only 50 points less against those candidates who have a job offer in non-managerial roles and LMIA. This has improved chances of those candidates for Canada immigration who can’t afford LMIA and neither have a job offer in Canada.

The candidates with specific kinds of job offers can get points (200 or 50 depending on the position) if they have job offers without an LMIA. These specific kinds of job offers include jobs belonging to the companies which have been set up under the NAFTA agreement. These candidates also include those individuals who have received their work permits as per the intra company transfer schemes, which allow them to be transferred from the country of a company’s origin to another company. As per these specific cases, the candidates should fulfill the mandatory conditions of already working in this country for the minimum period of a year.

With this elimination of points scored for LMIA and a corresponding job offer, there is going to be a significant reduction in the top qualifying scores for Express Entry. So, the candidates without a LMIA and a job offer will have higher chances of getting selected in draws made from the Express Entry pool. So, this change will not only increase the chances of candidates getting selected, it will also make the qualifying top scores getting reduced by 550 to 400 points (600-50 or 600-200).

This change will significantly affect the composition of those candidates who receive the ITA out of the Express Entry Pool. The earlier pool consisted more of candidates who had an LMIA and a job offer (for example, 47% of ITA 31,000 candidates had LMIA and a job offer in 2015).

Immigration Canada authorities are planning to increase the immigration numbers under the Express Entry scheme.

Immigration scheme Numbers for 2017 Numbers for 2016 Numbers for  2015 Percentage change over 2016 Percentage change over 2015
FSW, FST, CEC 71,700 58,400 31,063 22.7% 42.6%


Earlier, candidates had heavy dependency for LMIA for increasing their approval rate for ITA. But now, they don’t have any such requirement. They can follow these steps to increase their score as per CRS:

  • They can appear again for IELTS
  • Gaining more education
  • We at Visa House can offer considerable guidance to candidates who want to get Canada immigration under the Express Entry scheme under the new Comprehensive Ranking System.