Changes in the Ontario Provincial Nominee Scheme


Ontario has opened up the Express Entry pool structure for the immigrants. It has been opened up for those applicants who have prior work experience in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector. This change in the Ontario immigrant Nominee program is a part of the Human Capital Priorities(HCP) which has led to these changes.

Earlier, the government of Ontario was actually issuing Notifications of Interest(NOI) for PR in Ontario to those candidates who had earned 400 or more points as per the Express Entry system.

However, now the Notification of interest for PR for Ontario can also be presented to those candidates who might not have a score of 400, but meet the criteria listed under HCP.  They should also be holding work experience in a particular ICT occupation which is a part of OINP. All these changes in the OINP have been issued due to increasing shortages in the labor market of Ontario. Although these changes have been introduced, the government of Ontario is yet to generate the eligible list of ICT occupations which are valid as per the modified OINP scheme.

Ontario was actually forced to make such changes in OINP because this province has cities like Toronto which are the hub of IT companies. So, these companies are experiencing a shortfall of labor and this lack would go up to 182,000 workers till the year 2019. Apart from Toronto, other major cities in this province are Hamilton and Waterloo which require ICT labor.

Apart from having experience in the ICT occupations whose list will be generated by the Ontario government soon, the other requirements as per the HCP criteria are:

  • A candidate should have his ECA (Educational credential assessment)conducted by WES.
  • He has to prove his language skills in the different languages of French or English.
  • He also needs to have funds which are necessary for settlement in Ontario

Those candidates who have applied under OINP and don’t have experience in the designated ICT occupations should have:

  • Experience of 1 year in the occupations listed under NOC 0, A or B to qualify under the federal skilled worker class in the 5 years prior to the date listed on NOI.
  • Should score 400 points as per the criterion of Express Entry

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  1. Must have legal status if living in Canada during application. Refugee claimants and asylum seekers are not eligible for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2018.

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