Director for Study of Canada at McGill Andrew Potter resigns


In a controversial move the director of Study of Canada, in the famous McGill University Andrew Potter, has resigned from his position. It was because of an essay he wrote that invited so much criticism that he was forced to resign. The essay, even made the Premier of Quebec “Philippe Couillard” criticize Potter. As per the essay, “Quebec is an almost pathologically alienated and low-trust society.” The essay was written in the aftermath of the incident which took place on Highway 13 of Montreal on March 15th, 2017. In this incident involving a traffic jam, hundreds of citizens were left stuck due to a snow storm happening there. The people there were stuck for the period of a night. The incident is being probed by Sûreté du Québe who have also made arrests regarding this incident, one of them a 57 year old truck driver. He was accused of not helping with the towing away of snow which led to the incident.

Potter wrote about that incident in an essay which was published in the Maclean magazine. He had termed the incident as “mass breakdown in the social order.”   The traffic jam had caused so much trouble to people.

Potter gave his resignation in a post on Twitter.  The university authorities have also gone forward with the resignation of Potter. The university had to issue a clarification that McGill had “no say” in the article. In his post for resignation on Twitter, Mr.Potter was regretful about the essay. In his own words Potter has said that” I deeply regret many aspects of the column-its sloppy use of anecdotes…”. However, whatever the University of McGill wrote in a retaliatory twitter post” The views expressed by @JAndrewPotter in the @MacleansMag article do not represent those of #McGill.”, has also invited criticism because they appear to curb the academic sovereignty of the university. In fact, this post has attracted another article in Maclean magazine by famous educationist Emmett Macfarlane as per which the response is about subduing academic freedom of the academicians of the university.  Visa house can get you admission into the most prominent universities of Canada.