The Most Effectual Immigration Consultants for Canada


Canada is planning  to double the number of international students by 2022. Canada is representina  a less expensive option than other popular study destinations such as the US, UK or Australia. Canada provides higher living standards and a better quality of education. Canada is a multicultural nation and a very safe place to live and study, and we value education highly. Our universities are home to a students from hundreds of different countries.Canada is a safe democracy with low levels of crime. Canada isone of  Top 10 Places to live in the world as per United Nations (UN).  International students have clear routes to become Canadian Permanent Residents shortly after their graduation . Compared to other leading nations, Canada provides a welcoming immigration policy for  international students.

canada immigrationMore than 2,60,000 international students are present in Canada. Part-time work allowed with studies. Average part-time earning range is between C$ 11-15. Lower living expenses than US and Australia. Approximately C$10,000 – C$12,000 per annum (P.A.). Many Canadian Universities feature in World’s Top 100 Universities

Canada spends more than any other developed nation on its’ education. Canada’s universities, colleges have a strong international reputation for high quality.

Canadian cities are renowned for their safety with crime rates far below their counterparts in the USA , UK and Australia . Canada has strict gun control laws making it safe and secure for student to enjoy. Crime rates are among the lowest in the world.

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