Germany Getting Good Growth in Industrial Exports


Germany is experiencing amazing economic boom. The country of Germany saw a decline in the exports of heavy machinery goods because of the penalties imposed by the country of US on any imports in European Union countries containing Russian involvement.  And Russia has been a major importer of German goods.  Germany however has now emerged victorious because of the revival in the Russian economy and increased exports to the EU countries.  German companies are now getting so much of business from Europe through Russia and are a part of the gas pipeline projects happening in the European countries.

One of these projects is the Nord Stream 2 which is going to solve the problems of energy of European Union for the future to come.  The project would involve construction of a gas pipeline from Finland to Germany providing it with natural gas.

In 2017, the country of Germany is experiencing boom through Russian exports.  There has been increase of exports of cars and heavy machinery To Russia by Germany.  As a result, there is huge employment happening in the German electrical companies.

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