Goals You Should Know Before Becoming International Student In 2017


Being an international student is not easy. Apart from the huge amount of funds invested, it also is an investment of time.

Choosing the right internship

The students have to choose the right internship which is going to finance the cost of their education. Apart from that, they also have to make sure that the chosen internship adds something to their resume. The students also need to obtain adequate health insurance cover if they are planning to study in US because America study visa requires it.

Foreign students are allowed to work for 20 hours on campus during their tenure as students in America. The students should find meaningful job opportunities that can allow them to make use of such privileges. Students can volunteer to be a part of undergraduate research opportunities program with university professors which can make them more adept at handling your post-graduation job. You can also volunteer for jobs at community service-learning center because they are flexible enough so as to fit your time and schedule as a student.

The foreign students should be completely aware of the employment programs that they can be a part of during their studies.

International students get chances of interaction with career counselors in career offices who can be of major help in making them decide the right career path and the right internships. It’s important to know that employers prefer students who have served internships during graduation. The students should make efforts to book appointments with career officers at apt time for getting hold of most lucrative internships and not missing them. These career offices also guide students about the questions to be asked when they get a chance to interact with professionals from their field.

Such counselors also have an insight into the skills required by different employers. So, they can help students in a better understanding as to what might be required of them when they graduate.

Culture shock

Cultural adjustment is also important for international students. You may ask as to how this kind of an adjustment can have an impact on the career aspirations of a student.

Culture shock is a huge problem for students. This implies the feelings of anxiety and stress experienced when you land in a foreign land. The culture shock is a result of the difference between the culture of the native land of a foreign student and that of the place where he has gone for study.

However, people always don’t have the same reactions to the difference between cultures. Some adjust quite easily, whereas other students may experience sleeplessness and the lack of concentration.

However international students can make use of some basic strategies to handle this culture shock.

As a student you need to understand that the term “culture” is relative. It has different connotations for every individual. So, you don’t need to judge the customs of the foreign country. Every culture over the time develops some customs which are more suited to it.

Adjustment in a foreign land to some new culture does not require changing your value systems. It just requires adapting to it in a daring way. So, whenever you find yourself in a novel situation which you have never faced before, it’s better to treat it as some sort of adventure. Its important to give respect to such customs of a foreign land.

It’s important to understand that having an ally in the form of a foreign student can be of great help to you. Such students can help you understand the culture and the education of a foreign land in a better way. They can also be supportive in times of misery.

Partaking in extracurricular activities

It’s also important to take part in extracurricular activities apart from studies. These extracurricular activities include taking part in research with faculty professors, student group activities, campus jobs etc. These activities help you earn extra credits in your education. Its important that international students should plan for their career goals before they embark to study in a foreign land. They should have knowledge about the job opportunities that will be waiting for them after they have finished their course of study. They can choose either to work in their home land or their place of study.

Being aware of the job options makes any international student better prepared to apply for jobs.

Improving English language skills

It’s also important for students to improve their language skills in English to get better jobs when they graduate. They can enroll in classes that involve learning English as a second language.

Interacting with professionals

It’s imperative that you interact with seniors who have graduated in the same stream. They can be international students. You can consult them for good career advice.

It can be useful to be a part of some kind of professional association. Such associations are present on social networks like LinkedIn. There are also meetings which are organized by such professional associations which can be used for your professional benefit.

You can also join a student group to interact with the seniors in your line of profession. Such groups also organize meetings with professionals so that you can learn from their vast experience.

An overseas student has the major responsibility to stay abreast of all the career related developments. They should take part in career related fairs, and become a part of employer groups so that they have a sufficient professional network which can offer them abundant help in their career search efforts.

You can also Google to search about the professional networks that can help you in your career. Google the keywords “your profession+professional association” to know more.

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