Government Taking Measures To Increase Immigration In Canada


Canada immigration is all set to increase. It’s because the government plans to increase the number of immigrants, however 3, 00,000 immigrants have been allowed into this country in the year 2017. However, this is not the same as the numbers decided for the next years.

The Canada immigration targets are even more for the years to come like 4, 50,000 immigrants per year. This increase in numbers is as per the suggestions of current government’s Liberal party. The focus of such immigration is going to be more on the skilled workers and business class employees. The immigration numbers of dependent spouses are also likely to increase to 84,000.

Canada government is also taking steps to encourage immigration of entrepreneurs. This is also because the age of Canada’s population is also increasing in numbers which clearly implies that almost 4-5 million Canadians will be out of the working population in the next twenty years. The Canada government is all set to encourage entrepreneurs who have great business ideas. So, for immigration under Canada entrepreneurship program, the language proficiency, experience and education skills are not important, but they should have zest and ideas to make it in the global competitive world of today.

The government is also planning to introduce changes in the immigration Canada policies for entrepreneurs, whom they are willing to invite.  They will ask a prospective employer to submit a proposal which will then be reviewed by a group of representatives from the private sector. Once they are satisfied with the review, they can then offer the immigrant the chance to start his business in Canada and settle here for a period of 2-4 years with a temporary work permit. Once his business; proves profitable, he can then go ahead and settle permanently here. However the entrepreneur, who is getting an allowance under this program, will have to leave this country once the business is not able to provide a substantial amount of profits and create an ample number of jobs.

The immigration Canada authorities can also determine the amount of investment which is necessary for an immigrant entrepreneur to be given the temporary work permit and the PR in Canada. Such amount should be necessary for setting up business infrastructure