Illegal Immigration Happening into US


The illegal immigration to Canada from US has been increasing ever since the US tightened its immigration laws. In fact, Canada should introduce more security measures so that there is not such a huge amount of influx of people who are seeking asylum in this country.  The truth is that despite the low temperatures of January, there has been an inflow of 183 people into Canada in the Manitoba province and all these people have been illegal immigrants from US.

In fact, to reduce this kind of illegal immigration, Mr. John Kelly who’s the head of the Homeland Security in US is going to make a visit to Canada so that such kind of immigration can be stopped. In fact the Canadian Minister for Public Safety, Ralph Goodale does not think there is a need to implement strict controls for stopping illegal immigration.

There has been a rise in the number of home owners from America who want to buy property in Canada. This fact has been reported by the real estate buyers from Canada. A lot of people had declared their intentions to go to Canada, in case Trump was voted to power. However, these illegal immigrants could also be asylum seekers from Syria and refugees from Muslim countries who are under a ban from immigration by Trump.  Illegal immigrants have been living in US for a very long time. They are actually those who don’t have immigration papers. But since Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has made this announcement that Canada welcomes all asylum seekers, illegal immigrants have been crossing into Canada. Reportedly 11 million people are living in US without any immigration documentation.  In fact, the most popular immigration point for Americans to enter Canada is the Canadian border between Stanstead in Quebec and Derby Line in Vermont in USA.  The reason why this part of the border has become so popular to enter US is because it contains nothing but flower pots to restrict the immigrants from entering in.

Earlier there was a fine of 5000 American dollars to stop the immigrants, but now nothing is imposed.