An increase in the number of students applying for MBA programs to Canada


Canada is seeing an increase in the number of applications from international students In the most logical decision which could have happened after Mr. Trump’s coming to power in the US, the international students are now making lesser applications to US colleges.

In fact, most of the Canadian colleges are now seeing an increase in the number of applications which are made here. Discussing a few cases, the Rotman School of Management which is affiliated to the University of Toronto and Schulich School of Business affiliated to the York University, have witnessed an increase of almost 20% in student admissions. The maximum increase in applications from international students has happened in the Schulich School of Business which has seen almost a 170% increase in applications from the citizens of US. The most important part is that the students who are looking for study in US are some of the Canadians residing in US, afraid to get a US study visa.

The reason behind the surge in the number of applications happening in Canada is also the education structure of this country. The study structure of US is not global unlike the study structure of Canada.  The cost of studies in Canada is also low as compared to that of US. The students can also opt to work after completing studies in this country.  The Rotman School of Management has received applications from a record number of 60 countries. In the last two years, there has been an increase in the number of female applications only by 170% because this school for MBA wanted to increase the number of females studying here.

Canada has also emerged as a destination to pursue education because its so easy to get work permits after completing graduation here.  If able to land a job, the Canadian job holders can then get permanent residency after a period of 6 years of residence. A student cant get a work permit for a duration of more than 3 years, but his course cant be for a duration of lesser than 8 months. During the duration of this work permit, the student can easily search for a job.