More Indians Opting for Education Abroad


If the scores in the cut-off list of Delhi University prohibit you from taking admission there, then the option of study abroad is perfect for you.  In fact, the cut off scores for Delhi University are getting so high that students who score 95% in the class XIIth examination also can’t get admission. This is the reason why so many students are eager to go abroad.  The students have varied options when it comes to studying abroad in the form of countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand.

Germany is the country which has become so popular because it has free education in both graduate and post graduate courses which has led to its rising popularity among students. The students are also just required to pay administrative fees of just 250 Euros every semester.  That’s why Germany has the most students coming here. Also, the classes are taken in German and not in English which is quite comfortable for the students. Students only need a score of 6 in IELTS to pursue courses in English.

Apart from Germany, the next best option for students is US.  The reason why students prefer to go abroad is because of the increase in the incomes of middle class families which has also made them eligible to bear the costs for studying abroad. Another country which is trying hard to woo Indian students is Australia which is also offering students huge scholarships. New Zealand again has cheap universities for students to study because 8 major universities receive their funds from the state. This country has polytechnics also where students can do part time courses.  The students also have the choice of working here for 20 hours in a week during their studies. Australia also offers scholarships to Indian students

The students also have better choices of educating themselves abroad as compared to Indian colleges. There are huge 95% chances of a student getting selected into a foreign university. In Canada, a student only requires 50%in his 12th standard to get admission in a graduation course.  Macquarie University has scholarships for students those who pursue PhD from this university.

Canada is also a great destination for students to pursue education. They just have to spend an amount of 10-22 lakhs per year for getting education from Canada. The students can also get a post study work permit in this country for time duration of 3 years.  All the countries have working options of 20 hours a week for students during the duration of their education.  Call visa house to get complete knowledge about the educational programs available in these countries and how to access them and after that avail a study visa.