New Changes to be made in Canada Work Permit from June, 2017


The Canadian government is now pleased with the overhaul of the H1B visa which has made sure that technological labor can’t be made to stay in US after completing their studies. This makes sure that Canada does not have any shortage of skilled labor. Under the recent laws, Trump is not happy with foreign labor decreasing wages for American labor. The introduction of the Global Talent Scheme will make sure that the Canadian firms don’t face any delay of labor because the process of LMIA (Labor Market impact assessment will become fast under this scheme. Even the changes in the Express Entry done earlier were done with a motive of bringing more labor into the country easily, but it was not possible to delay the approval of labor by 6 months which happened under Express entry.

Canada’s LMIA has been infamous for taking long time of months. It is known that the employers refrain from hiring foreign labor due to this scheme. But from June 12, 2017 onwards, Canada is implementing a fast approval of LMIA. Under the scheme, known as the Global Talent Scheme (GTS), the employers will be able to expedite the approval of LMIA i.e. ESDC(Employment and Social Development Canada) will do the same within 10 days. This scheme will be launched for a 24 month basis initially. Under this scheme, two categories of companies are eligible under this scheme and receive expedited LMIA’s for any foreign labor that they wish to hire:

  • Category A-This is those companies which have an extraordinary rate of growth and are able to prove that they have a high need of labor for expansion of operations.
  • Category B-This refers to all those companies who can’t find professionals for their jobs. The skills of such professionals must be mentioned on the Skills Shortage List applicable under the GTS.
  • After the LMIA approval is gained from the ESDC, the next part is to get the work permit approval from IRCC which will also be available in a time gap of 10 days.
  • The best part about such expedited approval of LMIA and a corresponding work permit is that this way Canada will be able to tap the best talent as per its needs.
  • The IRCC has made further announcements about the visa required for employment of short duration i.e. one month within this country. The IRCC is currently making amendments to this visa. This kind of visa will be made applicable to only workers hailing from certain occupations. The better part is that citizens of certain countries will be made exempt from gaining any temporary work permit for jobs of such short duration.

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