Profile of CEO’s not Likely to be a Part of Occupation Removal list of 189 Visas


In a recent turn of events, the position of CEO’s which was likely to become a part of the positions which were to be scrapped from the Australia permanent residency visa is not going to removed. This is because many people feel that after stopping CEO’s born in foreign lands to work in Australia indefinitely after getting permanent residency, their salaries are likely to rise.

CEO’s from foreign countries under the new rules of the Australia visa 189 wont be able to stay in Australia for a period of more than 2 years. Their employment would become a part of the Australia visa 457 which has two categories of 2 and 4 year visas.  But this profile is not likely to become a part of the crackdown which is going to happen for 189 visas because there is a sharp reaction from the leading business groups. The deletion of 200 occupations from the permanent residency eligibility scheme was declared in April.  There is going to be an updated list of occupations no longer applicable for the 189 visa in the weeks to come. There are sectors in Australia which are working for this change to happen.

As per the words of Jenny Lambert, who is the director of employment, education and training in the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry “We have every reason to believe that CEOs will be an occupation that will be addressed.” Apart from the position of CEO, the positions of University lecturers and PhD graduates are not likely to be scrapped off from the 189 visa eligibility list. Business Council of Australia has also commented that if non-native CEO’s are only allowed to stay in Australia for a period of 2 years and not being able to apply for PR, they are not likely to apply for recruitment in Australia which is going to reduce the growth of companies. The Australian companies prefer non-native CEO’s because sometimes they need people with worldwide experience to do the job. As per the top honcho of another Australian company, “If you can only offer them a two-year stint it is hardly worth the trouble of relocating their families and disrupting their children’s schooling.” The people who are supporting the non-removal of CEO profile from the 457 eligibility list are those who also believe that those profiles which have been allowed to remain in this list don’t suffer from any skill shortage in Australia.

There are also other positions like those of chefs which are likely to show a skill shortage after getting removed from 457 visas eligibility list MLTSSL:(Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List). As per statistical prediction, this removal is going to lead to 60,000 vacant positions of chefs by the year 2020 in Australia. There have been changes made in the Australia 457 Visa eligibility lists under which a visa is to be allotted for 2 years to a person if his profession is NOT a part of MLTSSL and for 4 years if it is. Visa House can help you in obtaining immigration to Australia