What precautions should you take while going To US on study visa?


Going to US for higher studies is quite coveted for every student. However, when going to study abroad in this nation, a student needs to follow some basic precautions. They can ensure that your stay in this country is free from any troubles. Following are some of the tips you should follow before embarking on education USA:

1) First and foremost, with an F1 visa, the students can only enter the country a month before the start of their educational session. If they plan to enter the country a month before the beginning of their academic session, then they have to apply for a tourist visa apart from the F1 visa. It’s also important that the student brings his I20 with him to USA because it can be asked for at any time. The F1 student visa allows a student many privileges like entering and leaving a country a multiple number of times during duration of 5 years.

2) There is also a requirement of minimum attendance in US public universities which needs to be maintained at all costs. In the lack of such attendance, the student will be barred from getting another student visa for a period of 5 years. This restriction is even valid for students who are staying with an American citizen during their educational stay here.

3)  Its important that you leave some important information for people back home in India. They should know your contact number in America. You should have an extra SIM with you so that if one of your numbers is not working, your folks can contact you on some other number.

4)  Also, if you want to travel from your university to someplace else on weekends, inform your folks in advance. You can also set up your itinerary on the Google calendar. Your study guardian at the University of USA should be aware of your plans.

Always travel with someone who knows the region quite well. It’s also better to be aware of the emergency contact number in the US region. Every US region does not have the same contact number of 911.

You should also be aware of your study program and whether it allows absences or not.

5) A student should make multiple replicas of his passport and leave them with his relatives when leaving for US. This will ensure that all his details are kept safe with near and dear ones. In case his passport gets lost in US, he can ask his relatives to email him the scanned copy of his passport to him.

A student can also capture an image of his passport through his phone and save it to the google drive. Then he can delete the image of the passport from the phone.

6) Its also better to buy eye glasses in India rather than getting them from the US. It’s because these glasses cost a lot in US, approximately 150-200 dollars. However, contact lens don’t cost that much.

7) Medicines are not available without prescription in US. So, it’s better to carry important medication while traveling to US. You can medicines for cough, diabetes and migraine. Also, there’s no restriction for the quantity of medicines that can be carried from India to US. The same holds true for medically prescribed soaps. These soaps might not be available over the counter in US. So, it’s better to get them in India and carry them to US. However, colognes and deodorants like Axe and Gillette do not need to be carried America because most of them are global names and can be easily bought in US.

It’s better to carry a pair of needed undergarments because it will take time for you to know about the US stores. Also, a minimum number of laundries are important because washing is done every 15 days. So, a necessary quantity of undergarments is quite important.

8) In US, its important to look like an American, so its quite imperative that you buy your clothes here. The clothes in US are cheap as compared to India. So, you can get your belts, wallet, sneakers and slippers here and not carry much from home. Its better to have two pairs of formal suits because it is required for orientation ceremony at the university. You can get your jackets in US because the Indian jackets won’t be able to provide sufficient protection against the cold. You can buy all your clothes in the US if you wish because they are cheaper here and just bring some lowers from home.

9) If you are fond of cooking, its better to carry a pressure cooker with you because the ones available in US are not of a very good quality.

The best universities in US do have a kitchen attached in the rooms, so cooking is quite feasible there. As far as food contents are concerned, it’s better to get packaged food items in US because most of the areas in US have Indians settled, so it’s not tough to get such items. Even towels of a better quality are available in US, so just get the minimal number from home.

10) It’s also advisable not to buy any kitchen utensils in India because they are available cheaply in America. Even electric appliances are available at lower rates in America plus with different power specifications in US, the Indian ones won’t work.

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