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Visa House brings to you the greatest of news regarding the 485 visas. It’s such, news of jubilation for the Indian students that the Australian government has now opened the 485 visa which is a post study work visa for Australia. To meet the eligibility requirements, the candidate must have pursued education in Australia (a bachelor’s/masters or a doctoral degree). This stay is a part of the post study stream of the 485 visa. There is also a requirement to prove the sufficiency in the English language which implies a score of 5 in all the bands of IELTS and a comprehensive score of 6 in this exam. The result of this exam should not be older than 3 years at the time of application made for visa class 485.

The length of the stay in Australia depends on the degree pursued by the foreign student in Australia. If a student has done a bachelor’s degree from this country, he is entitled to 2 years of stay in Australia under the 485 visa. For a student who has done Masters from this country, 3 years of stay is guaranteed and four years for a student with an Australian doctoral degree under the 485 visa. All these institutions whose graduates are eligible for the grant of this visa, should be CRICOS registered.

The 2nd stream of this visa is graduate work stream. Under this stream, all those Indian  graduates are eligible those who have pursued education in an Australian occupation which is a part of the approved skilled occupation list. The eligibility of this visa is for duration of 18 months.  Visa House can provide you full-fledged information about how to qualify for this visa.