There is a huge demand for Indian IT workers in US. USA is the country of dreams for so many people. It allows students to gain practical training during studying which is especially useful in the field of IT. The students also get to create their own network of professionals that help them immensely on fulfilling their career aims to the hilt.

The top names which are hiring Indian programmers now, are Tata consultancy services, CSC, Accenture, Wipro and Infosys.

The picture for Indians in US is quite rosy. They can earn almost 88,468 dollars in this country which was the median salary for Indians in 2014. Tata Consultancy services doles out almost 60,000 dollars per year to an IT employee.

As per a research conducted by Everest Group in US, the average salary for a software engineer is 8,000 to 10,000 dollars.

For a senior software engineer it is 12,000 to 15,000 dollars and a team leader in programming can earn upto 18,000 to 20,000 dollars.

The payouts are even higher for a project manager who makes upto $31,000.

Many US companies which are prominently located in Seattle in Washington, Santa Ana and Palo Alto in California and Buffalo in New York are hiring Indians on a large scale.

Apart from regular jobs, IT internships are also becoming useful for students, so that they can gain valuable experience during their education.

Through these internships, students can also get to make some spare cash. In fact, the average salary of an intern in Silicon Valley is 7000 dollars.

The interns are supposed to devote almost 40 hours in a week, during the duration of their internship.

Among all the companies, Google is the No. 1 payer as far as interns are concerned and pays on an average of 6,874 dollars monthly to an intern. Twitter is also not close behind, and pays up to 8,400 dollars to its interns in a month. Facebook also has high paying rates of 8,000 dollars in a month and other high paying companies are Yahoo ($6,539), Microsoft ($7,200) and Zynga($5,612).

There are also other top notch payers in the Silicon Valley like Amazon (6,000 dollars) and Apple (5,510 dollars).

It is the aim of United States to maintain its stake as the global world leader. Therefore it’s taking initiatives to ensure that the technical labor gets ample initiatives to migrate here.

What’s the best part about these internships is that the US companies also pay their workers housing premiums and other benefits on top of their internship salaries. For example, Twitter pays its interns $6000 in benefits apart from its 8,400 internship salary.  Google pays a staggering amount of 9,000 dollars per month in premiums over and above the internship salary.

Yahoo is also paying a lot of money to its interns in premiums amounting to 4,500 dollars per month.

The premiums benefits at Amazon are also high with 1.5k to 7.5k US dollars per month. All you need to work as an intern in US is to avail a study visa which also doubles as your work permit.

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