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All countries welcome investors and business entrepreneurs who are willing to either set up new businesses or to expand their Indian businesses to foreign countries. These visas are popularly known as investor visas, entrepreneurial visas, business visas etc.

This arrangement is good for both the client and the hosting countries. Clients are benefitted by opening their businesses in foreign land. They can enjoy lower rate of interest on their borrowings as per the prevalent banking laws. With India entering the WTO agreements they can maintain their status in both the host country as well as in India without any hassles of dual taxations.


UK Flag

UK Investor Visa

The visas in this category are known as Tier 1 (Investor) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). For an Indian passport holder the appropriate category would be Tier 1 (Investor). Candidate is required to prove his credentials as a business person and has to ensure that he has an availability of 2, 00,000 GBP to be invested in the UK with in the period of 2 years of the visa. This investment can be British government bonds, loan capital or share capital in actively trading registered UK companies. A business plan from the relevant business auditors is also required.

This visa application requires fees of 1530 GBP if you apply online or via post and don’t apply in person and a charge of £2030 under the super premium service category if you apply in person at a premium service center. The applicant applying for this kind of UK immigration also needs to pay a nominal healthcare surcharge either through online payment or via cash if his visa application is in person. The application fee is same for the visa application of the dependants.



USA Investor Visa

The popular visa category for US is also known as EB5. This visa scheme has been created to provide encouragement to foreign investors so that they can generate some capital investment in the host nation. Upon investment of 5,00,000 to 1 million USD such visa applicants are eligible to obtain an EB-5 visa which includes a conditional green card allowing a residency of two years in USA. This green card can be converted to an unconditional one when such USA visa holder can prove that either the business he has invested in or his own business can create the required amount of employment of up to 10 workers in two years otherwise this green card gets cancelled. Apart from providing a conditional green card to the applicant, this EB visa also provides a green card to his dependants who are younger than 21 years.

Canada Flag

Canada Investor Visa


Canadian immigration’s a dream-come true for any person due to a high quality of life that it provides and has been ranked as the second best place in the world for accommodation by United Nations in its 2016 Best Countries ranking.

Canadian government allows immigration opportunities to foreign investors and entrepreneurs through its Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) department so that investment and employment in this country get maximized. The immigrant investor program (IIP) providing the Canadian visa ensures that maximum jobs get created in the province in which an immigrant invests.

Australia Flag

Australia Investor Visa

In the recent years, Australia immigration has seen a growth providing a boost to the prosperity and entrepreneurial innovation in this nation. The Australian government offers various opportunities for encouraging investment and business-related immigration to the country. The Australian Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) scheme allows significant investor participation with foreign direct investment allowed under three different amounts of 1.5,5 and 15 million Australian Dollars in an Australian state.

Australian immigration is also quite welcoming for entrepreneurial talent who want to invest in existing or fresh ventures in any state or territory in this country. For those, who are seeking to set their business on the Australian land various options are available like sole traders, trusts, partnerships and companies.  All these business options have their own individual tax and regulatory factors to be considered by anybody who seeks to migrate to Australia.

new Zealand Flag

New Zealand Investor Visa

Recent years have seen a spurt in the immigration to New Zealand with the heightened efforts of this government in this direction. This country is providing an excellent environment for foreign investment with educated labor. Consequently, any investor with the requisite capital and a commendable track record can look forward to getting a business visa in this nation. In fact, the World Bank has actually ranked New Zealand as the second easiest location to conduct any business in 2015.

A New Zealand business visa provides both kinds of options to candidates, to apply as an investor or as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur work visa in New Zealand allows immigrants to start a new business in this nation. This visa is granted for duration of three years. Initially, this visa is granted for a period of one year to any business in the start-up stage. After one year, the business is granted any extension of two years in the balance stage once it has proven its worth


Singapore Investor Visa

Singapore seeks investment from foreign entrepreneurs through its Entrepreneur Pass scheme. Under this scheme the Singapore visa called Entrepass is granted to budding entrepreneurs. This visa allows foreigners to start ventures in this nation and frequently move in and out of the country. Once his application for Entrepass gets approved, he has to provide the necessary capital within 30 days of approval and can start a privately limited company in this region.

To apply for the EntrePass form, a potential candidate needs to provide the following documents:

  • A completely filled entrepass application form
  • Secondly, a full-fledged business plan adhering to the prescribed requirements
  • Photocopies of the educational certificates
  • Documentary proof of any previous business ventures/employment

After getting this visa, the visa-holder can apply for permanent residency