Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to the way in which Visa House can use your information as the owner of this website. Visa House can use all the information that it gets from the users of the website.  The privacy policy also administers the use and revelation of information which has been taken from the people who browse through the website.

Personal identification information

The information from the users is taken in different ways, including the information they enter in our contact forms.

The disclosure of information by the users is only discretionary and not mandatory. Users can always deny any provision of information by them.

How we may employ information collected through contact forms

Visa House uses the information gained through contact forms for the following purposes:

To respond to customer queries

We make sure that whatever information we gain through you is used for business related purposes only and is kept confidential. It’s employed for the purpose of making your visa journey more smooth and expedited.

To send emails frequently

Visa house can employ your email address for the purpose of sending advertisement emails. Apart from such emails, it can also use your email to send information about the purpose of information about the change in the stud/immigration visa policy of any country. If the users don’t want to receive such emails, they can easily unsubscribe.

To rectify site usage

Our contact forms can also be used to submit any complaints regarding site accessibility.

We protect your information and make sure it is not shared

We follow proper data protection policies to make sure your information is not revealed and modified without our discretion.

You should go through this page for any change in the privacy policy.

How to get in touch with us

You can contact us on 01147114100 or to know more about changes in this policy