Visa House Reviews and Customer Feedback

Fraud Assessment for Documents

It is a very controversial subject to write in social media, but when I reviewed a fraud document profile at Visa House, I was urged to share my thoughts on this fraud review.

A case where in student xyz with more than 85% marks in class X and XII. Punjab board, passing year 2016 and has an IELTS score of 6.5 written by him in December 2016, He was doing Internship with his uncle for 8 months who is well established marketing sub dealer in a small town.

One Australian university has rejected the case on the grounds of fake work experience and with a valid point that the company where the student was working is not verifiable.

Visahouse team was able to help this student and he fortunately got an admit at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, USA with the same documents, this student got his visa and is now studying there.

I don’t know what kind of experience this kid will keep in his mind once he graduate and becomes a successful entrepreneur.

I would stress the need of a justified system of assessment and prevent such disasters. This is one case which caught my attention and with no intentions to cry for foul play against any system we have urged our team for a more reasonable verification process and hopefully look for better results

                                      Canada visa issues were completely made invisible by this company

I was so perplexed about the process of Canada. However, Visa house put an end to all my troubles because its counselors had the perfect information. They had every possible detail of Express Entry visa known to them due to which I got my visa within days.




How Visa House made my application for Australia immigration approved?

I was so lucky enough to have come to Visa House. Initially it seemed so tough to get the help of a visa consultancy for the purpose of seeking immigration. But then I realized the importance of the visit. I became completely aware of the immigration Australia procedure. I realized how their point structure works and how can I become eligible for it. Today, I am settled in Australia due to the efforts of the counselors of Visa House.


Study in Switzerland for a productive career

Do you feel that getting education abroad should yield some rewards. It’s important to consult Visa House if you think so. The consultancy offers apt advantage when it comes to admission in a reputed university of Singapore.  The students get lucrative packages during pursuance of internships only. Come to Visa House to get a Switzerland study visa.


I always had dreams of going for study in Canada

Education in Canada had been an important part of my career aims since childhood. However, I didn’t know how to apply to various colleges in Canada. But Visa House resolved all my issues.  They made my application to different colleges and made sure they got approved.



I wanted to go to Singapore for study

Singapore has the best of colleges available in the world like National University of Singapore. They provide education of excellent quality to a student and the best part is no IELTS is required for getting admission there. All this was informed to me by the counselors of Visa House. Now I am happily studying in Singapore, all thanks to this company.

Visa House was a great source of assistance to me

Hi, I am Disha Aggrawal. I was so irritated with the Canada PR procedures. They seemed so complicated, Express Entry and all that, but Visa House ensured that I was able to get a hang of the process. They filed my application and then kept me in the loop whenever something new happened. Now, I am so happy to have attained Canada immigration because of them.

Canada is an ideal place to get education

McGill University has developed a reputation for imparting extremely high standard education. This university was suggested to me by the team of Visa House. However, it seemed so tough given their requirement for IELTS. However, Visa House helped me with my IELTS through their excellent tutor. I am pleased to be studying in Canada and look forward to a prosperous future.

Australia is an education provider beyond comparison

When I went to Visa House, they explained to me clearly what the ways to get an Australia study visa are.  They told me clearly about the IELTS and everything else. It was so easy to get a study visa, all with their help. Akansha Sharma


Visa House helped me thoroughly with my Australia immigration case

Visa house ensured that all my hassles for Australia immigration were removed. They had no doubts about me going through. When I registered with them, ever since then everything about my immigration became their responsibility. Now, I am living in Australia because of them.

Going to Visa House proved to be a boon for me

I felt so stuck with my study abroad dreams. I was unable to decide which university to choose and how to deal with its admissions procedure. But Visa House steered me in the correct direction for getting the visa for study in Australia. Now, I am in Australia because of them.