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Dubai is one of the most outstanding places to pursue studies. A jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a study destination bestowed with luxury. In fact, this country was also given the ranking of best places to reside in the region of Middle East by Mercer.

The city is right now experiencing an unprecedented growth rate and a steep hike in the number of jobs and demand for skilled labor. So, students cannot face any dearth of jobs once they arrive in this most modern city of UAE. The number of jobs in Dubai is also on a rise due to the holding of World Expo 2020 event.

A student can easily get full time work experience by enrolling in University of Wollongong because it has a low timing and duration of classes. A student just needs, to pay fees for 2 credits every semester in a Masters course and then he can continue with his part-time job. Otherwise if a student wants to work in Dubai, he has to get a tourist visa for himself which requires a security deposit of Rs 2 lakhs. But by taking admission in this university in a Masters course, he can get work exposure in Dubai.

No of classes per week in a Masters course in University of Wollongong: 2

No of hours in a class: 3(6 pm to 9 pm)

Since the frequency and duration of classes is low in every semester, students can easily work upto 20 hours in a week.

An IELTS score is not required for admission in any course. The study visa of Dubai is also issued quite quickly and the processing is done in 7 days only.

University of Wollongong which is one of the most topnotch universities in the world has established a name for itself in quality education. Now it has expanded its wings to Dubai. It is providing various courses like Masters of Finance, Masters in IT, through its campus in Dubai Knowledge Park.

For Masters in Business, the duration of the course is 1.5-2 years. A student needs to study for at least 2 credits every semester. However a student can get a waiver of 2 credits for the whole course if he has completed B.A./BBA/B.Com (Hons)/B.Com(pass).

Dubai is a peaceful place to live and work with harsh imposition of laws. Nefarious activities like drinking are also prohibited here.


  1. Masters of Applied Finance (2 years)
  2. Masters of Business Administration (International marketing)(2 years)

Entry Requirements


Masters of Applied Finance

  • 50% in graduation in a bachelor’s degree in Business
  • 6.0 score in IELTS with the 6.0 in writing and reading bands and 5.0 in the rest of the bands

Masters of Business Administration

  • 2 years of work experience after the completion of bachelor’s degree
  • 5 score in IELTS with 6.0 in all the bands


2281 USD for each of the 12 subjects in MBA and MAF

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